About Us

Quality Finishing

In plating, quality is everything. Each finished part must be uniform with the next. And the next. And the next. Of course,the finish must also be attractive, functional and durable. The quality of a finished part must meet not only your requirements, but U.S. and international standards as well.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Great quality means nothing if you can't get your parts fast enough. AMFI operates on your timetable. Your customers demand just-in-time delivery, so we offer you the same courtesy. You will get your parts when you need them...and not a day later. Our business philosophy is simple - we do whatever it takes to make life easier for you.

Assured and Guaranteed

AMFI is compliant with EPA,DEHNR,OSHA,and local municipalities.With these alliances firmly in place you are assured of parts plated in an enviromentally-friendly faclity. Our compliance with these agencies, our extraordinary quality, our just-in-time delivery, and our adherence to international standards guarantee you the results and reliablity you need to do business locally...and around the world.